What is the Best Place to Get a Car Loan?

If you are car loan shopping around Buffalo and Cheektowaga, you may be wondering what is the best place to get a car loan. Deciding where to get a car loan is an important decision, and there are benefits associated with financing at a bank and at a dealership. The guide below from Basil Ford can help you determine the best place to get auto financing for your unique situation. 

Car Loan Shopping Near West Seneca 

Not sure where to get a car loan? Your two main options when car loan shopping loan include:

  • The dealership where you plan to buy a vehicle
  • A bank or other lending institution such as a credit union
  • Car Loans From a Dealership

    One of the best places to get a car loan is the dealership you purchase the vehicle from. Here is why it is smart to finance with a dealership like Basil Ford

    • If you are not sure whether to lease or finance your next vehicle, the finance experts at %%di_name%% can help you decide which method best suits your driving needs and budget. 
    • Dealerships work with a variety of lenders to get you the best rates possible. 
    • Applying for financing at a dealership is hassle-free. All you have to do is complete one form to get multiple options. 
    • Because multiple lenders are competing for your business, you will likely receive a very competitive rate. 
    • If your credit score is less than ideal, many dealerships will work with you to secure an affordable loan. 
    • Many dealerships offer financing incentives. 
    • Some dealerships are also open to negotiation when it comes to the rate you are given. 
    • Car Loans From a Bank

      Your local bank in Rochester is another option when car loan shopping. We do recommend consulting with the dealership before applying at your bank because each dealership has different financing partners. If your credit score is not quite where you want it to be, it may be a challenge to finance with a bank. However, there are some benefits of financing with a bank, such as:

      • You have a pre-existing relationship with your bank.
      • There are often set interest rates.
      • It may be possible to negotiate a flexible payment schedule.
      • Discuss Your Financing Options with Basil Ford

        If you are still not sure where to get a car loan, don’t worry. The team at Basil Ford would be more than happy to discuss your options to help you determine the best place to get auto financing. Contact us with any questions.