Commercial Truck Service

Western New York's Dedicated Medium Commercial Truck Repair Center

Although we are a Ford dealership, we repair all makes and models of medium commercial trucks.

Our facility can also accommodate the largest RVs for repair and maintenance, as well as maintenance and repair of the RV's generator systems. Specialty vehicles including emergency services, ambulance, SWAT, military, fire, rescue, airport support vehicles can also be serviced by our shop.

Maintenance including: Oil and fluid changes *Brakes *Tires *Exhausts *Air Conditioning *Alignments

Heavy Repair or Replacement including: Engine *Transmission *Rearend '*Electrical *Fuel systems


Our facility has the following assets

  • Senior Master Certified Diesel Tiechnicians
  • 7 bay state of the art mechanical shop with multiple 30,000 pound + lifts
  • Certified CNG = (Compressed Natural Gas repair facility
  • Certified Cummins repair facility
  • Two alignment jacks
  • Air conditioning service

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