Ford Remote Start

How to Use Ford Remote Start

Ford Remote Access improves frigid winter mornings and scorching summer afternoons for Buffalo-area drivers, as it allows you to heat up or cool down your new Ford before sliding in behind the wheel. Unsure how to use Ford remote start? Check out this guide from Basil Ford for more information!

Ford Remote Start Instructions

Using Ford Remote Access is easy. Simply follow these instructions on how to use Ford remote start:

Start Your Ford Vehicle

  • Lock your car doors with your Ford key fob.
  • Then, press the remote start button twice on your key fob.
  • Check that the exterior lights flash twice to indicate a successful start.
  • Listen for the horn to sound, which indicates a failed command.

Turn the Vehicle Off 

  • After remotely starting your vehicle, press the Ford remote start button once.
  • The exterior lamps will shut off to indicate the car is no longer running.

Use the Memory Feature (if equipped)

  • Preset seating, mirror, and steering column positions.
  • When you remotely start your Ford, these components will automatically adjust to your preferred settings.

Ford Remote Access Status Feedback 

In addition to the previously mentioned signals that you have successfully or unsuccessfully used Ford remote start, the following status feedback signals let you know whether your commands worked.

  • Solid Green: Remote start successful. 
  • Solid Red: Remote stop successful. The vehicle is off. 
  • Blinking Red: Remote stop or start failed. 
  • Blinking Green: Awaiting status update. 

Ford Remote Start Functionality

Having trouble getting your Ford remote start to work? Below are a few common issues that prevent Ford Remote Access from functioning as it should.

  • The car is already turned on or off.
  • The car alarm has been triggered.
  • The Ford remote start system is disabled.
  • The hood of your car is open.
  • Your vehicle battery is low.
  • The "service engine soon" light is illuminated on your dashboard.

If you've checked for the above situations and resolved them as necessary, and are still having difficulty with your Ford remote start functionality, feel free to connect with the Basil Ford Service Center for assistance in Cheektowaga.

Ford Remote Access with FordPass

Does your new Ford model have SYNC Connect with the Ford SYNC 3 system? Then you also have access to the FordPass app, which can be downloaded to your device via the App Store or Google Play. Using the app, Lancaster-area drivers can do the following remotely: 

  • Start and stop the vehicle.
  • Schedule a vehicle start.
  • Lock and unlock the doors.
  • Check gas and fluid levels.

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