basil ford express 

Looking for a different kind of car buying experience? Gone are the days of salespeople pushing you into cars and agreements that make you uncomfortable. Here at Basil Ford, we put the power back in our customers' hands with Basil Ford Express. Find out what Basil Ford Express can do for you!

About Basil Ford Express

Basil Ford Express is all about convenience. Sometimes that means coming into the dealership to explore your options, but often, you want to customize your car purchase from the comfort of your own home. That's where Basil Ford Express comes in. This program allows you to:

  • Build your own deal with access to Basil Ford's entire inventory, securing our best pricing upfront
  • Value your trade-in instantly
  • Apply for credit and explore your options (cash, finance lease)
  • Simple in-store pickup
    With all of this already accomplished, you can visit the dealership and have complete control over the process. What's more, our team serves as your personal concierge. We're always available via call or text to help as you search for your perfect car.

Take Advantage of Basil Ford Express

Take advantage of Basil Ford Express as you embark on your car buying journey, and learn what we mean when we say we don't want to sell you a car - we want to help you buy one!