What is Ford Credit?

Ford Credit online 

Interested in buying a new Ford vehicle? Then Buffalo-area drivers can certainly benefit from Ford Credit, the financial branch of the Ford Motor Company. With a number of options available, this program provides a financial plan for everyone, no matter their current financial situation or credit history. Learn more with Basil Ford.

Ford Finance: Buying or Leasing

Whether you choose to buy or lease, there is a Ford Credit plan for you. Learn about the available plans here.


  • Standard Purchase: Enjoy flexible payment terms and vehicle customization with this plan. You don't have to worry about mileage limits, and every payment you make helps you build equity. You can buy a new Ford with this plan, or opt for a certified pre-owned Ford or used vehicle.
  • Flex Buy: Take advantage of a special payment plan that entails lower payments during the first few years with the Flex Buy program. Only new vehicles are eligible for this program, and it only offers one term.


  • Red Carpet Lease: Take your pick from various terms, such as seven different mileage limits, with the Red Carpet Lease program. Amherst-area drivers can take care of all lease payments in one lump sum to save money overall with the Advance Payment Program, for example. Otherwise, there are a variety of lease-end opportunities available, from purchasing the leased vehicle to starting a new lease or simply returning the vehicle.
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Benefits of Ford Credit

The Ford Credit program was designed with Lancaster-area drivers in mind. In fact, the following resources are available to make the financing process easier and leave you feeling confident with the car-buying process:

  • Personal assistance from Ford finance specialists
  • Help or payment relief in case of illness, accidents, or natural disaster
  • Easy online application

Rely on Ford Credit at Basil Ford!

Ready to buy or lease your next Ford using Ford Credit? Then get in touch with Basil Ford today to start the process! We can get you behind the wheel of your dream car at a price you love thanks to our offers and incentives and trade-in options, and our Finance Center is always here to help.